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At our school we aim to provide fantastic opportunities for pupils to unleash their creative sides and express themselves further through Art. The art curriculum is delivered by a fully qualified art teacher, to engage, inspire and develop each pupil’s skills.

Through art, our students learn the meaning of expressing themselves and the world around them, through visual outcomes. The children will explore and experiment with many different techniques, media and disciplines within the learning process. Each year group has the opportunity to delve into the disciplines of drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture, printing and mixed media to allow every pupil to increase their confidence, creativity and skills within those areas.


Miss Amy Cobbettclass teacher


Pupils are given the opportunity to work individually to produce outcomes, or as groups and are provided with the tools to develop their appreciation and understanding of art. As well as drawing inspiration from the old masters, pupils explore artists who are working today, and are able to make links to possible careers opportunities within the arts themselves.

To build on skills developed in the classroom, pupils have the opportunity to attend an Art Club which runs after school on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Here pupils are encouraged to work independently or in groups, and develop their own project ideas. The Art Club is open to all pupils from years 1 to 6.

There are not many primary schools with the vision and understanding of how vital art is, so pupils at our school really do have a great head start.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso


Using colour/line to explore emotions

Observational drawings of facial features

War silhouettes


Oil pastel flowers inspired by Georgia O’Keefe

War Artist study: Henry Moore

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