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17 November 2017 (Friday)

“Children in Need Day”

We celebrated Children in Need Day by going all spotty. Lots of children came in great outfits and we raised over £500 pounds. Thank you for all the support!!

Amina Khan


13 October 2017 (Friday)

“Year 3/4 football tournament at the AT7 Centre”

Last week saw the Coventry West football tournament at the AT7 Centre take place, our team wanted to perform well after winning the event last year.

We started the group stage strongly, beating Earlsdon primary school 5-2 with wonderful goals from captain Rio and vice captain Dylan.

The boys continued the good start against a strong Finham primary side, beating them 4-1 with goals from Harrison, Rio and Dylan.

The last group game saw the boys come up against St. Thomas Moore, knowing that with a win they would top the group and go through to the knockout stages. Again the boys performed magnificently and scored a staggering 6 goals, with Dylan scoring a hat-trick and Alfie adding to the score.

In the quarter finals the team came up against Allesley Primary School, confident after their strong performances in the group games. However, Allesley started well and took the early lead. We fought back with a long range goal from Charlie but Allesley crept ahead in the last minute. The whistle went and we were knocked out in the quarter finals.

The boys performed amazingly and we are looking forward to more matches and tournaments throughout the year.

Tom Openshaw


12 October 2017 (Thursday)

“Year 5/6 friendly football match against Keresley Grange”

The year 5/6 football went to Keresley Grange Primary School to play a friendly match before the start of the school football season.

We started the game strongly controlling possession and having many chances on goal in the first half. It proved to be a frustrating first half, especially after having a headed chance cleared off the goal line from a corner.

Again, we started the second half strongly, the pressure paid off when Pharrell scored after a great piece of passing play. After the opening goal Keresley applied more pressure on our defence. However, we held strong and finished the game with a second goal from a left footed shot from the edge of the box from Morgan.

It’s a promising start to the season and we look forward to the next game!

Tom Openshaw


7 July 2017 (Friday)

“Year 5 PGL weekend”

Year 5 enjoyed their exhausting but exhilarating weekend at PGL. The children had a go at zip-lining, street-surfing, rock climbing and canoeing.

Safety talks before ‘The Leap of Faith’!

Kitted out and ready for rock climbing

Before the muddy challenge

After the muddy challenge

Lots of singing and dancing at the campfire

A well-deserved break on the journey home

Arandeep Shoker


6 June 2017 (Tuesday)

“Year 5 trip to National Space Centre”

As Year 5 were learning about Space in their Science lessons, they visited the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Arandeep Shoker


May 2017

“Ruthless Romans (Year 3)”

As part of our humanities topic on the Romans, Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a Roman workshop led by an enthusiastic Roman. The children spent the morning exploring The Romans through drama. They were able to take on roles of significant people within the time era, to develop an understanding of how the Roman Empire started and what life was like back then. All children then became Roman soldiers, where they practiced marching and chanting like a soldier as well as standing in formation and preparing for battle within a legion.

The fun (and learning) didn’t stop there. The children were able to view real life artefacts like armour, a pilum and shields which provided a real hands-on historical learning opportunity, some of which the children we able to handle. In addition to this, children took part in playing a number of Roman games which tested their knowledge of Roman numerals. Fascinating Roman facts were also learnt when they took part in an interesting Roman quiz.

Finally, the day ended on a high note with more drama. The children were split into two tribes (The Romans and the Celts) and relished re-enacting a battle between the two tribes. All children thoroughly enjoyed and were motivated by the whole experience. They were all keen to take on active roles within each session and learnt so much from the experience, with children stating ‘It was the best workshop ever!’

Sarah Walker


15 December 2016 (Thursday)

“Caught being Gold trip”

Mrs Squires took 22 children who had been ‘Caught being Gold’ on the reward trip to Waterstones and McDonalds. Each child was able to purchase a book and an ice-cream of their choice. This is our termly behaviour reward linked to our Golden Values. Of course, all of the children behaved impeccably!

The children who received the award were: Tyler (1Beta), Caitlin (1Delta), Jakub (1Gamma), Chloe (2Beta), Mollie (2Delta), Sukhmani (2Gamma), Shanti (3Beta), Taylor (3Delta), Serafina (3Gamma), Oscar (4Beta), Lydia (4Delta), Grace (4Gamma), Jessica (5Beta), Ashpreet (5Delta), Owen (5Gamma), Sarina (6Beta), Thomas (6Delta), Mya (6Gamma), Nikola (EDelta), Miraje (EAlpha) and Ethan (EDelta)

Sue Squires


2 March 2016 (Wednesday)

“1 Alpha trip to Wyevale Garden Centre”

On Wednesday 2nd March, 1 Alpha went to Wyevale Garden Centre to learn about plants. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and gained lots from the experience!!!

All the children enjoyed the first-hand experience of seeing the various flowers, as well as a wide assortment of other plants. In addition to this the children looked at and bought some seeds, small plants and equipment to grow their own plants at school. After cultivating them in our classroom we will be planting them so that we can start our own little garden at school for all to enjoy!!

All the children were very well behaved and did the school proud ! We cannot wait to go on our next trip!!!

Amina Khan


29 February 2016 (Monday)

“Growing Plants”

Pupils in KS2 ESC classes learning about how to prepare soil for planting seeds.

At King’s Hill Nursery, we saw some bee hives. We had to be careful not to make too much noise around here!

We did some maths work too! Each pot was 2p. We bought 41 pots. How much did the school spend on the pots in total?

We picked up some really good, helpful information to use back at school.

We had a great morning at the King’s Hill Nursery, Finham.

As a treat, we went to the Memorial Park in the afternoon to see other types of flowers and plants. We even got a chance to play!

Time to spend some money in the café!

Pupils taking a well deserved rest!

Mrs Heer


11 January 2016 (Monday)

“Choir sing at the Genting Arena in Birmingham”

Our choir sang at the Young Voices concert at the Genting Arena. They performed really well and even though there were 6000 other children singing you could hear our pupils at the back (well that’s what the parents in the audience said!)

Click here to see a video of one of the songs at the event.

Lesley Criminisi


8 January 2016 (Friday)

“Egyptian Workshop”

During our ‘Wow Week’ we were visited by an archaeologist who brought us a wealth of knowledge and information about the Ancient Egyptians. We began our journey to the past by exploring a range of past times which were historically correct. This included participating in Egyptian pastimes such as:

Egyptian measuring using ‘Cubits’:



A fun fact finding quiz:

Some fun games such as Hounds and Jackals.

After we had all experienced a range of Egyptian activities we returned to the ‘tomb’ to find out about the gruesome mummification process. This was not for the faint hearted, even the teachers were shocked by the complexity and preciseness of this ancient ritual!


The day drew to a close with a truly moving service and dramatic procession for the poor, albeit rich, fellow!

Both the staff and pupils had an incredibly thrilling and educationally enriching day and we are looking forward to the next ‘WOW Week’!

Year 4


December 2015

“Whitmore’s Wonderful Warblers!”

Throughout December the choir performed at various venues, including Warwick Arts Centre, Walsgrave Hospital and local residential homes. They worked really hard and we are all very proud of them.

Lesley Criminisi

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