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At our school we believe a solid understanding of Maths is essential for our pupils to function in their everyday lives, both now and in the future. We aim to equip our pupils with an appreciation of the simplicity, power and beauty of Maths whilst developing in them a sense of curiosity and enjoyment for the subject.

The three main aims of the National Curriculum for mathematics are fluency, reasoning and problem solving. These aims are incorporated into all our maths lesson and drive the planning, teaching and learning of mathematics throughout Whitmore Park.

We have adopted “Maths - No Problem!” ( ) which is based on Singapore Maths principles, as a delivery tool for our maths lessons. Our aim is for pupils not to learn by rote in mathematics but to have a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts. This is achieved through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approaches in our lessons where children have the opportunity to solve challenging problems using a range of strategies. Each day, pupils are taught using problem solving approaches involving high level questioning by the teacher which enables pupils to develop their mathematical thinking.

Alongside our Maths - No Problem! lessons, we also deliver Arithmetic and Times Table sessions which are designed to develop our pupils’ fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics. The CPA approach is also a basis for these lessons with teachers and pupils working with practical resources and drawings before moving on to the abstract calculations where our pupils’ fluency can really progress.


Maths resources

“Gordon” activities

These 200+ activities were created by the Coventry Primary Numeracy Team in 2010 to support the teaching and learning of Maths. They cover the majority of areas of the primary maths curriculum.

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Num & Count Num & Count - FDPR&P Known Facts Calculating Problem solving Problem Solving - Money Shape & Space Measuring Handling Data Various   All  


“Primary National Strategy” activities

These 40 Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) were developed in 2002 to help with the teaching of maths in primary schools. Many are still useful today. They cover several areas of the primary maths curriculum incuding number, shape, measure and statistics.

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Primary National Strategy activities

Maths - No Problem!

Maths - No Problem!

video: how to get started with the primary maths series

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