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Year 4


We are very lucky in Year 4 to have a very strong team ethos where both staff and pupils help and support each other. We believe it is essential to enjoy hard work and follow the golden rules so we can appreciate our achievements. In Year 4, we encourage the children to develop independence and resilience so they can be successful in all areas of the curriculum and in the wider world. We are ambitious and eager to learn and be the best we can!

Letters to parents

Letters that have been circulated to parents are available for you to view and download here.


Please click here for our expectations of punctuality with arrival & collection of your child.


Miss Gabrielle Paynebeta - class teacher
Mrs Danielle Craigdelta - class teacher
Miss Katie Cartwrightgamma - class teacher

In Year 4, the P.E, art and music timetable is slightly different to the other year groups as they have been given the opportunity to go swimming and to the AT7 centre on their carousel day with the P.E team. Please ensure that children come to school on that day in their P.E kit, with long hair tied back and jewellery removed. Please bring swimming kit separately in a bag to change into once there.

They also have music and art on their carousel day with Mrs Criminisi and Miss Cobbett.

Carousel day for Year 4: Thursday


Parents will be informed about details of any school trips throughout the year.


Each Friday, children will be given two pieces of homework, a piece for literacy and a piece for maths. They will also have 10 spellings to learn and times table/number bond targets to practise. There will be target and spelling tests on Friday also. Please ensure homework is completed to a high standard and returned by the following Friday.

Curriculum information

The following are the curriculum letters sent to all parents which detail the subject areas that are covered.

curriculum letter - year 4 - 2018 Spring
curriculum letter - year 4 - 2018 Summer

Other Information

Please ensure that children bring their reading book and diary to school every day. We aim to hear each child read at least once per week. If you hear your children read at home, please record by writing a short note in their purple diary. This is so we can keep track of the books they’re reading and the regularity of reading outside of school. Teachers are available on the playground in the mornings and in the afternoon for a quick chat, please feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have. Should you need a longer conversation, we are happy to have a discussion but please make an appointment at the office. If children would like to bring a water bottle to school, they may do so.

Any money which is sent in should be sealed in an envelope. Please write your child’s name and class on it and the amount which is enclosed. Children then put the envelope in the post box outside their classroom areas.


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