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Extra-Curricular Sports

At Whitmore Park Primary School pupils are given fantastic opportunities to experience a wide variety of sports and activities in PE and are given opportunities to participate further in competitive and non-competitive sports outside of the national curriculum. We run a wide range of sports clubs before and after school to encourage children to take part in sport.

Opportunities to participate in sport and other activities help to build character and to embed values such as fairness, teamwork and respect. Pupils of all years will have the chance to participate in competitive and non-competitive sports throughout their time at Whitmore Park Primary School. We believe that these opportunities will help pupils kick start lifelong participation in sport.

Extra-Curricular Sports Timetable



  • Before school:
    • Year 1 & 2 Invite Agility
  • After school:
    • Year 4-6 Invite Football
    • Year 1-6 Gymnastics




Lunchtime Clubs

A number of different lunchtime clubs are run each day to give pupils extra opportunities to play a variety of different sports and to stay active at school. Pupils take part in lunchtime clubs such as basketball, dodgeball, athletics and games.

Sports Leaders

We have a dedicated team of Sports Leaders who run sports games and activities at break and lunchtime. 

School Games Mark

Whitmore Park Primary School has been awarded the School Games Silver Mark. We are honoured to receive this as it recognises the amount of hard work pupils and members of staff put in to create an environment where high quality PE and sport provisions are available.