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These are the most recent school newsletters.

Weekly Newsletters

Monthly Newsletters


Letters to parents

This is a list of letters that have been circulated to parents – available for you to view and download.

Spring 2020

13March2020:Reception Newsletter 13.03.20
11March2020:Morning of Music - Year 4
11March2020:Relationships and Health Education Survey Letter
11March2020:RHE Parent Consultation
06March2020:Morning of Music - Year 2
06March2020:Sports relief 2020
06March2020:Reception Newsletter 6.03.20
02March2020:Easter reading morning
02March2020:Coronavirus Update Letter to Parents
21Feb2020:Year 3 Anglo Saxons workshop letter
21Feb2020:Reception Film Night
21Feb2020:Year 1 - 4 - Exciting Film Night
19Feb2020:Mother’s Day Gifts
19Feb2020:Year 1 Phonics Screening
19Feb2020:world book letter 2020
18Feb2020:Rescheduled Meeting SRE Consultation Letter
13Feb2020:whitmore science spring
12Feb2020:New Menu Feb 2020
12Feb2020:New Menu covering letter
14Feb2020:Reception Newsletter 14.02.20
10Feb2020:5 and 6 film night letter
07Feb2020:Valentine's reading morning
07Feb2020:Reception Newsletter 07.02.20
04Feb2020:PSHE Information Letter
31Jan2020:Reception Newsletter 31.01.20
31Jan2020:Paperless and cashless school 2020
22Jan2020:Welfare Parent Info Jan 20
22Jan2020:Urban astronaut
24Jan2020:NSPCC letter
17Jan2020:Year 1-5 Arts Week Celebration
13Jan2020:Years 1-6 Parents Evening
13Jan2020:Parents meeting Nurs and Rec Jan 2020
13Jan2020:Year 6 Trip to Belgrade Theatre
13Jan2020:Year 6 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Year 5 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Year 4 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Year 3 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Year 2 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Year 1 Arts Week
13Jan2020:Reception Arts Week
13Jan2020:Nursery Arts Week
13Jan2020:Miss Cobbett's Arts Week Letter
10Jan2020:Reception Newsletter 08.01.20
10Jan2020:Year 3 Romans workshop letter

Autumn 2019

20Dec2019:Christmas Reading
19Dec2019:Year 6 Attendance Letter
04Dec2019:christmas reading morning
04Dec2019:Reception Newsletter 13.12.19
04Dec2019:Parking and Car Park letter to parents Dec 19
04Dec2019:Reception Newsletter 6.12.19
04Dec2019:5 and 6 Performance Assembly
04Dec2019:3 and 4 Performance Assembly
04Dec2019:1 and 2 Performance Assembly
03Dec2019:Reception Newsletter 29.11.19 pdf
20Nov2019:Pre Booking Santa
19Nov2019:Christmas Dinner Template
12Nov2019:Christmas Help Needed
11Nov2019:Reading and Times Tables Meeting
11Nov2019:Christmas Events dates
05Nov2019:Children in Need 2019
01Nov2019:General Election Date
31Oct2019:Reception Class Photos
29Oct2019:Year 6 SATs Meeting Letter
17Oct2019:Parent Partnership Group
16Oct2019:Bonfire dinner
14Oct2019:Reception Newsletter 11.10.19
09Oct2019:PGL Intial Letter
09Oct2019:Dol-y-Moch Initial letter
09Oct2019:Harvest Letter
09Oct2019:Book Fair Leaflet
09Oct2019:Book Fair Oct 19
07Oct2019:Photos individual Oct 2019
03Oct2019:Head Lice Letter
27Sep2019:ESC Curriculum Letter Autumn 2019
27Sep2019:ESC purple planet
27Sep2019:Year 6 scientific visitor
27Sep2019:Maya Visitor letter
27Sep2019:September Nursery Newsletter
27Sep2019:Transport Trip Letter Year 1
27Sep2019:Reception Newsletter 27.09.19
27Sep2019:Year 3 Trip over view
25Sep2019:Autumn Y4 Curriculum letter
25Sep2019:Autumn Y3Curriculum Letter 2019
25Sep2019:Maya Visitor letter
25Sep2019:Year 1 Curriculum Letter Autumn 2019
25Sep2019:Year 4 Trip Information
25Sep2019:Year 2 Trips overview
25Sep2019:Year 2 Curriculum Letter 2019
25Sep2019:Year 6 Autumn Curriculum Letter 2019
25Sep2019:ESC Curriculum Letter Autumn 2019
25Sep2019:Year 1 meeting
25Sep2019:ESC purple planet
25Sep2019:Year 3 Trip over view
25Sep2019:Year 6 scientific visitor
25Sep2019:Parents Consultation Evening
25Sep2019:Year 5 Trip Costs Letter
25Sep2019:Year 6 trip letter
25Sep2019:Parents Consultation Evening NurRec
25Sep2019:Paperless school September 2019
25Sep2019:Coombe Abbey 2019
25Sep2019:Artsmark Letter to Parents 2
25Sep2019:Reception Trip Letter
25Sep2019:Reading Newsletter sept 2019
25Sep2019:Year 1 Trip overview Letter
25Sep2019:Selly Manor 2019
25Sep2019:Sing oct 19 workshop
25Sep2019:Letter Guide To Attendance
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