Thank you for supporting your children during this period of learning from home.

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 Look at our main ‘Home Learning‘ page for general advice about Home Learning.

Please read for 10 minutes every day.  For additional reading, read books or e-books.


Please do a little bit of writing daily. We have included 20 pictures to use as a prompt for writing. Stick one picture at the top of the page. Ask your child to think of a sentence that they could write about the picture. Encourage them to be as independent as possible when writing. Ask them to put the sounds in the words on their Fred fingers. Encourage them to leave a finger space between each word. Check that they are using correct letter formation and ask them to practise the letters that they need to. Children to write more than one sentence about each picture where possible (use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentences and a full stop at the end).


Please complete one of the Numeracy challenges provided each day. Use resources that the children can pick up, count and move e.g. pennies, pebbles, buttons etc. Support them to begin the activity and then encourage to continue independently where possible.

Additional learning

We have also created a grid of additional activities that you could complete with your child if you/they wish. Try and complete as many as you can:

Useful links

Here are the links to some websites that you might find helpful: