Thank you for supporting your children during this period of school closures.

Summer Term Home Learning

Each week we will send home a ‘Learning Project’ which has a variety of English and Mathematics core learning tasks. Ideally, one of each of these tasks should be completed daily.  (1 reading, 1 writing, 1 maths and 1 spelling). There are other learning activities to choose from: Art, Music, Science, Computing of which we would recommend choosing 1 per day. Each ‘Learning Project’ also has a theme for example ‘My Family’ which gives your child the chance to do some research and be creative in how they present their learning during the week. Also try to do 1 physical activity per day.


Look at our main ‘Home Learning‘ page for general advice about Home Learning.

Children need to still be reading their books at home every day, and can use Oxford Reading Buddies, online articles and eBooks for additional texts.

White Rose Maths

Here are this week’s maths resources:

Lesson 1 – Vertically opposite angles

Worksheet | Answers

Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle – missing angles

Worksheet | Answers

Lesson 3 – Angles in special quadrilaterals

Worksheet | Answers

Lesson 4 – Angles in regular polygons

Worksheet | Answers

If you would like to do more, please see this list of other activities you could also do:

  • Plan, draft, edit and publish at least one of the creative writing tasks a week. These can be completed in exercise books. 
  • Box It Up planning sheet and Action Plan sheet provided as examples of how to plan out writing. Children may prefer ‘S’ planning or other methods, all of which are acceptable.  
  • Complete CGP Grammar activities 
  • Complete 2 spelling corrections sheets per week 
  • Complete grammar and punctuation activities 
  • Complete one of the Reading Detectives comprehension per week – answers in the exercise book 
  • Continue to complete the Collins reading homework per week as set out on the sticker – answers can be found in the back of the book (they will need to be unstapled) 
  • Complete one of the Twinkl comprehensions per week 
  • Continue to read a book everyday (could be an e-book on Oxford Reading Buddy) 
  • Continue to complete the CGP books  
  • Complete a book review of any books that you read – do this in the exercise book 

Useful English Links:

  • Complete 3 pages of the Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet each week. 
  • Complete the Mystery of the Missing Knight St. George’s Day Maths Mystery Game. There are 5 clues to solve which can be completed on separate days. 
  • Complete arithmetic quiz per week from the Arithmetic Work Park. 
  • Complete 1 page per day of the Mathematics Reasoning Work Park. 
  • A Maths Glossary is available on the school website which can be referred when answering the maths questions. 
Useful Maths Links:
  • Take this time to learn home skills like baking, cooking, bicycle maintenance, learn to knit, craft or sewhow to wire a plug etc. 
  • Try out some fantastic at home science experiments as demonstrated on YouTube!  

Other Useful Links:

SATs Prep

Children who have CGP books at home should be using these to access SATs style questions and build their understanding of topics already covered. Revision using both these and the orange Collin’s Reading homework books are great tools in ensuring your children are maintaining their ability to answers questions correctly and to ensure they don’t forget how teachers have advised that they answer questions. Although SATs are no longer going ahead, children will still need this key understanding for their transition into secondary school.  

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