There are three Year 2 classes and each class has a full time teaching assistant. During their time in Year 2, we encourage the children to become more independent and strive to do their very best. In Year 2, the pupils also prepare for their end of Key Stage 1 SATs. These are administered at the end of May in a low-key setting to minimise stress and enable the pupils to do their best.

Every morning, the children have an English and Maths lesson. These are taught within their individual classes.

We follow the Maths No Problem scheme and the pupils thoroughly enjoy the challenges that come with it. The children explore various problems by using different maths equipment and drawing pictures.

English (Reading and Writing) units follow a three week structure which is consistently adapted throughout the school (see our writing page). Pupils learn and consolidate new skills based on a variety of different books, within a wide range of contexts. The text types covered in Year 2 include: setting descriptions, character descriptions, information texts, instruction texts, short stories and recounts. We believe that learning to read is one of the most important things your child does at school. Pupils read individually during most English lessons. Our goal is for all pupils to be independent readers and have a real love of reading by the time they leave Year 2.

At the start of Year 2, pupils are also taught Read Write Inc 4 times a week in groups but these groups are flexible and may change throughout the year. This is the phonics programme that the school follow. Pupils will move onto Year 2 spelling lessons when they have completed Read Write Inc.

Throughout their Humanities lessons, pupils explore the Great Fire of London, the Story of Lady Godiva, the United Kingdom, World Geography and map skills. They also have opportunities to develop their writing skills in these subject areas (see our humanities page). Weekly Science lessons as well as RE, PSHE and Music also form part of our curriculum in Year 2. Science topics covered include: plants, animals including humans, habitats and living things and materials and their properties (see our science page).

Letters to parents

Letters that have been circulated to parents are available for you to view and download here.


Please click here for our expectations of punctuality with arrival & collection of your child.


  • Mrs Sandhu – Beta class teacher
  • Mrs Gill – Delta class teacher
  • Mrs Nolan – Gamma class teacher

Carousel & PE days

On a carousel day pupils will spend the afternoon doing art, computing and PE. These are taught by specialist teachers. Pupils also have an additional PE day which is taught by  their class teacher. On Carousel and PE days please send children to school in a PE kit. Children will be asked to tie long hair back and remove all jewellery for PE lessons.

  • Carousel day for year 2: Friday
  • PE day for year 2: Thursday


Pupils will experience two trips in Year 2. They will visit Selly Manor in the Autumn term to enhance their learning about the Great Fire of London. This is a great trip and former pupils have always thoroughly enjoyed it. The pupils have the opportunity to have a tour of the house and participate in role play activities.

The pupils also visit Conkers in the Summer term. This is a reward for the pupils for their hard work and dedication in the Key Stage 1 SATs. This is partly subsidised by the school.


Each Thursday we send home a piece of maths, grammar and spelling homework, alongside some times table targets to practise. We ask for the homework folders to be returned to school by the following Tuesday. Children will be tested each Tuesday on their times tables and each Friday on their spellings. We also expect parents to hear their children read a minimum of 5 times a week for at least 5 minutes.

Curriculum information

The following are the curriculum letters sent to all parents which detail the subject areas that are covered.

Other Information

Drinks and Fruit

Children are provided with a piece of fruit each breaktime, therefore they do not need to bring in a snack.

We ask parents to provide a water bottle, filled with fresh water each day so that children have access to a drink.

What your child needs to bring to school each day

Reading book and diary

Water bottle

Please do not send toys to school as children get very upset if they are lost.

What to do if you have a problem

If someone else is collecting your child on a particular day or if you have a problem that may affect your child’s school day – please tell us first thing in the morning. Alternatively you can contact us on Class Dojo.

If you have any concerns please raise them in the first instance with your child’s teacher or teaching assistant. Should you need to escalate the issue please call the school to arrange an appointment with Sue Squires (Deputy Head) or Jacqueline McGibney(Headteacher).

Thank you

Year 2 Team

The national curriculum

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